My Newest Release

Arthel's Guitar

This recording is dedicated to the first generation of Bluegrass, Country and Folk musicians who inspired me to play music. Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, The Dillards, Reno and Smiley, Clarence Ashley and of course my old friend Doc Watson, all put a fire in the belly of an eleven year old boy to explore the wonderful realm of music. The guitar pictured on the front cover is “Arthel,” the 1945 Martin D-18 Doc used on many of his early records. He gave me the guitar about 25 years ago. After restoring it, I was excited and honored to play this guitar on several of Doc’s albums. I had little to do with the title cut of this album. I picked up “Arthel” one day about 10 years ago and the tune just came out; as if the notes had been hiding inside the guitar for years. It was a pleasure to bring “Arthel” out of retirement for these tracks. During the sessions for this album I realized how truly blessed I’ve been to have played music with many of my earliest heroes. I’ll never forget their kind encouragement.


  1. Lover Of The Bayou
    R. McGuinn, J. Levy (EMI Blackwood Music,)

  2. Tough Luck Man
    ·Dale Meyer, dobro

  3. Arthel's Guitar
    J. Lawrence
    ·Shad Cobb, fiddle

  4. Kinfolks In Carolina
    Merle Travis (Unichappell Music, BMI)
    ·Shad Cobb, fiddle

  5. The Whole World Round
    M. Jayne, J. Stuart (Lansdowne Music, BMI)

  6. Goodbye Liza Jane
    ·Shad Cobb, fiddle

  7. You're No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine
    D.Reno, R. Smiley, F. Swift (Fort Knox Music, BMI)

  8. Red Rocking Chair

  9. Fiddlefoot
    Jack Lawrence
    ·Shad Cobb, fiddle

  1. Walking Down The Line
    Bob Dylan (Sony/ ATV)

  2. House Carpenter

  3. I Know what It Means To Be Lonesome
    Lester Flatt (Silverhill Music, BMI)

  4. St. Anne's Reel/Whistling Rufus (Bonus Track)
    traditional (previously unreleased)
    ·Doc Watson, guitar
    ·T. Michael Coleman, bass

  5. Ten Miles To Deep Gap (Bonus Track)
    Jack Lawrence (previously unreleased)
    · Doc Watson, rhythm guitar, banjo
    ·T. Michael Coleman, bass

The Band (except where noted)

Jack: guitar, lead vocals
Wayne Benson, mandolin
Curtis Burch, dobro
Jody Call, drums and percussion
Don Lewis, fiddle
Steve Lewis, banjo
Todd Pons, harmony vocals
Ron Shuffler, bass

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