Jack's Professional Gear

Jack's Professional Gear

I endorse Merrill Brothers Guitars and John Pearse Strings


I use McIntyre and L.R. Baggs pickups run through a Fishman Platinum Pro direct/eq.


Merrill CU-28
This Brazilian/Red Spruce cannon has been my primary road guitar for the last couple of years. This guitar has it all. I can�t thank Jim Merrill enough for the chance to play his guitars.

Henderson D-28 style

I waited many years for this gem. It gets use both in the studio and on the road. Wayne�s guitars have a reputation for micing well and this one�s no exception.

I�ve long had a great love for the guitars of the Martin Guitar Co. These are all very fine instruments that I use regularly at home and in the studio.

0-18 1937
D-18 1943
D-18 1945 "Arthel" Used by Doc on many of his early recordings
D-18 1968 "Beulah" A gift from my Dad for my 22nd birthday in 1975
D-28 1940
000-28 1967
000-21 1946 My first guitar

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